Laura Scandiffio
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Kids @ the Crossroads

Kids @ the Crossroads series
What if the Internet existed at the time of the Crusades, or the Aztecs? What would the blog of a twelve-year-old look like? Historical fiction with the personal immediacy of a blog, as well as the context for understanding these world-changing moments in history. Richly illustrated with original art as well as historical images of maps, paintings, and artefacts that bring the era vividly to life.

“The new series is highly recommended and will be a valuable addition to any collection.” -- Resource Links

Follow Hans as he impulsively joins the Children’s Crusade of 1212, an idealistic quest from Germany to Jerusalem and, for Hans, a desperate search for his missing brother in the Holy Land.

"… a masterpiece of genius … Scandiffio has touched on exactly the format of book that makes sense to this Internet-savvy generation of readers … This book is a must-have for any grade 4-6 classroom shelf…" -- CM Magazine

"… this wily blend of fiction and information makes for a most unusual history lesson."
-- Booklist

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Purchase Crusades from

Yoatl, an Aztec boy training to be a warrior in the 1500s, is plunged into events that will change his world forever, as the Spanish strangers with a thirst for gold arrive from across the ocean.

“... offers readers interesting information ... a fast-paced story, interesting characters and an attractive protagonist ...”
-- CM Magazine

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