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The Martial Arts Book (New Reissue)
A lively overview of the history and philosophies behind today’s popular martial arts.
Illustrated by Nicolas Debon
Ages 9+

Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books of the Year
“The Year’s Best” List, Resource Links
Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award finalist
Red Cedar Book Award finalist
Silver Birch Award finalist, Ontario Library Association

“This well-organized, informative book will be a winner for children attracted to studying a martial art, but equally interesting for admirers of Eastern culture and history enthusiasts. It’s a must-have for school and public libraries.” —Quill & Quire

“This book, with its vibrant illustrations of a number of styles of martial arts, offers young readers and, possibly, practitioners, capsule histories of 'a tree with many branches.' … an excellent treatment of this subject.” —The Globe and Mail

“You'll get your kicks from this book ... packed with interesting facts ...” —Chicago Tribune

“This book is absolutely striking. It is well laid out with side bars and highlighted bits of information. The illustrations are beautiful and add to the educational value of the book … a perfect source of information.” —Resource Links

“… thoughtful and engaging … The page layout and design are very eye-catching … Nicholas Debon’s vibrant, mixed-media illustrations provide a glimpse into an ancient world … Perfect for research or leisure reading, this title fills a void on a popular topic.” —CM Reviews

“... [a] highly commendable work.” —Canadian Children’s Book News

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True Stories from the Edge series
10 true illustrated stories of daring escapes through history
Ages 9+

Storytelling World Award
Rocky Mountain Book Award finalist
“The Year’s Best” List, Resource Links
Red Cedar Book Award finalist
“This is an amazing book … sure to enthrall school age readers, as well as adults, who will definitely find this book fascinating.”
-- Resource Links

“[An] excellent book … compelling, suspenseful stories that will have [readers] begging for more. Recommended.”
CM Reviews

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Evil Masters: The Frightening World of Tyrants
The stories of seven of history’s most evil rulers. Their ruthless tactics, in climbing to power and maintaining control at the top, are frighteningly similar and offer thought-provoking lessons about power and its responsible use in our world today. Photos, maps and art enhance each story.
Ages 12+

Read about:
• Qin Shi Huangdi, China's first emperor, ca. 259-210 BCE
• Nero, Ancient Rome, 3-68 CE
• Ivan the Terrible, Russia, 1530-1584 CE
• Maximilien Robespierre, France, 1758-1794 CE
• Josef Stalin, Russia, 1879-1953 CE
• Adolf Hitler, Germany, 1889-1945 CE
• Saddam Hussein, 1937 – 2006 CE

Stellar Book Award nomination
“Our Choice” List, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“... informative and compelling ... excellent and thought-provoking ...” —School Library Journal

“... an essential look not just at history but patterns of behaviour in the present ... [in] brief, clear accounts ...” —Toronto Star

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